To Craft the Perfect Charter

From the beginning, our team set out to solve inefficiencies in the charter model and design a perfect system to better serve our brokers. By curating a wholly-owned fleet, our management has taken advantage of higher utilization, consistency and transparent pricing that creates more reliable on-demand solutions for our brokers.


Consistent Aircraft Experience

We specifically curate aircraft whose amenities deliver pristine in-flight experiences across our growing fleet.


The Most Efficient Fleet Pricing

Our owned-fleet creates savings for brokers by achieving higher utilization than our competition.​​


No More Hidden Fees, Ever.​

We’ve designed a single price that protects our clients from unexpected costs in and after flight.​​

Seasoned Management

Our Senior Leadership Team has been constructed to draw from diverse backgrounds and experiences to build an exceptional product for brokers. Our team represents over 100 years of collective tenure in Aviation ranging from Operations Directors, to Maintenance Inspectors at major airlines. We draw from our experiences to understand the fundamental shortcomings of the Short Range Charter market and continually evolve to offer the best product to our clients.

Our First Priority

Constructing an operation that is primarily safe and secure for clients is the backbone of CRAFT. Our wholly-owned fleet allows for standards of maintenance created by our oversight team which are not bound by owner approval, but rather are in the interest of utmost safety for Passengers and Crew. CRAFT pilots are meticulously screened and have been selected for their ability to continuously exceed FAA requirements and the standards of other operators industrywide.

Dedicated to Your Service

To ensure the most luxurious experience of private flight, we’ve assembled a dedicated Customer Experience Team who are prepared to assist in any way necessary to ensure your best experience. At any point along your journey with CRAFT, do not hesitate to reach out if there is any way we can improve your experience.